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Question: Discuss about theBusiness Environment for Sips Bites Cafe. Answer: Setting Smart Goals in Planning The use of SMART goal setting provides a business with a focus and ability to attain the specific set objectives. SMART is an acronym that represents five elements that include specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-based goals as explained by Wick, C. W., Leo?n, L. S. (2013). Specific Goals The Sips Bites Caf is student-oriented business, and its facilities are made for the comfort of the JCU students who will be eating or working there. The business is located within JCU. Therefore, it is well suited to focus on needs of the students other than operating as a regular caf. The caf provides part-time employment opportunities for students through a flexible schedule and an environment that may allow them to work on their academic work. Measurable Goals The caf recently opened, and the management expects the customer numbers to rise by 50% in the next three months. The marketing officer and the management have developed marketing strategies to attract more students to use the caf. The business goals are well suited to have more student customers as it provides services that provide comfort to student life. Attainable Goals The caf is located within college premises. Therefore, the success rates are high as it student oriented and lack competition within the locality. The business is a single branch and is owned by an individual. Therefore, management of general operations is easy and has a flexible decision-making process. Relevant Goals The business layout is student based as the customers are majorly student from JCU. The facilities provide the students with an environment in which they could relax or study in the course of their student life in the college. The business is on point with student needs and tries to keep up with student demands. Time-Bound Goals The business operates 24hours a day because it is located in the area where there is a youthful population. Many students stay up late studying, partying or engaging in other activities. Therefore, the business caters to these individuals. The caf is open during holidays to be used by residents that love within the college premises. Type of Management Skills Required Management skills enable managers to utilize their knowledge and abilities to perform their duties and responsibilities (Smith, 2010). This knowledge and abilities are acquired academically or through experience. Some of these management skills include: Technical Skills These skills include dealing with machines, marketing, and product designs. The managers need to have knowledge of how equipment operates to ensure they understand the state of assets of the business. Managers need to understand the market and be able to develop strategies to attract new customers to purchase goods from the caf. Sales managers need to be skilled on how to communicate with customers and employees (Smith, 2010). First-level managers are expected to be proficient with these skills to ensure that perform their duties as expected. Conceptual Skills This includes the ability of a manager to have abstract thinking in their operations. These skills enable managers to understand the different perspectives that an issue brings to the business. Managers are able to establish goals that can be integrated with the different units and sections within the business and aims to achieve a common goal. Departments within business require an overall objective; therefore, top managers need to think abstractly to bring these departments to work towards the same goals and objectives. These skills are relevant to top managers as they are the overall decision makers. InterpersonalManagerial skills These skills enable a manager to work with other people by communicating in different circumstances. Managers should have an accommodating attitude to ensure that they create an environment in which employees could communicate their ideas, views, and perspectives openly. Managers with these skills have leadership qualities and normally are an inspiration and motivators for employees to do well in their areas of specialization noted by Reider, R. (2008). Interpersonal skills are important for all employees as it enables them to establish work relationship that is the comfort to creating harmony in the workplace. Employees are expected to work with one another which require constant communication among them. Communication is crucial to the success of the business hence the management needs to create forums in which employees could interact freely. The ability of employees to interact freely enables employees to share workplace challenges more, and problem-solving can be done collectively as explained by Tucker, S. A. (2009). Business Structure and Strategy The business structure is the formal layout of the hierarchy while the structure comprises of the practical plan that comprises of the strategies of how to achieve set goals and the objectives. These two elements are crucial to the success of the company, and they gradually develop and become distinct as the business grows. These elements complement each other and sometimes could be merged and applied as one unit. The Sips Bites Caf structure comprise of 20 employees with one owner managers, two Cashiers, one Marketing Manager, six Cleaners and eight Coffee Artists. Many of these employees especially at lower positions are students; therefore, the management realizes the need to motivate the employees to achieve the business goals set. The business is a small enterprise its operations serve a small customer base which requires plan and strategies to ensure that all employees perform their duties as expected. The business structure is small hence formulation and implementation of strategies take less time as noted by Wick, C. W., Leo?n, L. S. (2013).. Decision making within the enterprise incorporates opinions and ideas from all the employees as most are students who are knowledgeable about the needs and preferences of the fellow students. A business strategy is determined by the existing structure within the business. The business has large student employees as it is located within a college. The student population provides the business with cheap and available labor and also the market for its products. Some of the job opportunities do not require skills which limit expenses that are spent on skilled personnel. Many of the student employees work part time which enables the business to employ many students. The highly skilled and trained workforce such as the marketing manager is important in increasing innovative ideas. The enterprise should have a well-established structure for the implementation strategy. Strategies are implemented when changes within the environment in which they operate. The structure determines strategies to be implemented within the enterprise, and the success rates depend on the skills available to implement the strategies formulated. Types of Controls Controls are applied within a business to avoid reckless behavior that may negatively impact its operation. Some of the reckless behaviors that can be prevented by the implementation of these controls include careless and uninformed decisions and behaviors. These controls ensure that resources are channeled to areas that matter and risks are identified and mitigated. These controls include: Visual Controls They include physical assets that the enterprise requires to monitor the activities and they comprise of dashboards, checklists, and budgets. They asses activities and show the direction in which a business is headed towards (Reider, 2008). These controls provide the general analysis of the enterprise as activities are monitored closely by the management or the employees. Procedural Controls These controls involve different parties that monitor a single activity such as cash flow. These controls are used in determining qualities required for a job category. The analysis given by different parties on a single subject broadens discussion and perspectives. These controls provide checks and balances within the business. Embedded Controls These are controls that the business operates in without the specific elements that show their application within the organization. These controls include already established facilities that are used in different businesses such as financial controls and automated data backups (Reider, R. 2008). These controls reduce human errors and technology failures by providing interfaces for calculating, storing and retrieve information. These controls have become more complex due to technological advancement which requires then a skilled workforce for them to operate these facilities. These controls provide the management with a grasp of the business performance. Managers and team leaders have to establish methods in which these controls applied to the business could be used to improve the performance of the business. The caf operates in an environment in which students are the major customers and source of labor. Therefore, controls applied should suit the skills available. References Admiraal, P. H., A?cs, Z. J., Carlsson, B., Thurik, A. R. (2016). Small business in the modern economy. Oxford, OX, UK: Blackwell Publishers. Conseil International de la petite entreprise-Canada. (2015). Journal of small business entrepreneurship. Toronto: International Council for Small Business-Canada. Megginson, L. C., Scott, C. R., Megginson, W. L. (2011). Successful small business management. Homewood Ill: Irwin. Megginson, L. C., Scott, C. R., Megginson, W. L. (2011). Successful small business management. Homewood Ill: Irwin. Reider, R. (2008). Effective operations and controls for the small privately held business. Hoboken, N.J: John Wiley Sons. Smart Business Akron. (n.d.). Smart Business Network. Smith, J. G. (2010). Business strategy. Cambridge (Mass.: Basil Blackwell. Tucker, S. A. (2009). Handbook of business formulas and controls. New York: McGraw-Hill. Wick, C. W., Leo?n, L. S. (2013). The learning edge: How smart managers and smart companies stay ahead. New York: McGraw-Hill. Ziff Davis smart business. (2011). San Francisco, CA: Ziff-Davis.

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Teenagers Life free essay sample

Life Teenager is the stage where the physical and mental condition of a person develops which occurs between childhood and adulthood. It starts at age 13 for boys and 12 in girls. In teenagers life, we must be more independence than before. It is the time of puberty too. During the teenage life, a person have some transformations. It involves physical, emotional, mental and psychological changes. The physical changes are changes in the body. Perhaps the most profound changes are linked to sexual maturation. It is during the teen years that the body grows into a sexually mature, and there are many different physical characteristics that develop as a result of this growth. And the emotional changes, they think like this: begin to realize that beliefs are the result of a thinking process, come to understand other people think too, and their own beliefs on a certain subject may differ from those of others, may understand others have different ideas about the same topics, yet they still do not understand that other people may think about different topics altogether. We will write a custom essay sample on Teenagers Life or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page That’s why people feel harder when they live in teenagers life. They’re labile and sometimes get confuse with themselves, and usually they get more problems than before. Because of the instability of teenagers, most of them can influenced easily with their around. It can be good habits, but usually, teenagers influenced with bad habits like consume drugs, alcohol, free association, spend money too much, excessive lifestyle, and hostility with each other because of scramble boyfriend / girlfriend. Teenagers have changed in comparison with the teens in the past, taking into account eating habits, an active way of life, spending free time and clothes. They are a â€Å"technology† generation. For teens in todays’ world mobile phones, internet, music, movies, television and video games are very important. Most teenagers prefer watching TV and playing computer games to reading books. Teens eat there unhealthy food. They eat too much fast food such as McDonald. As a teenager, we must be careful with our association. We must be smart to choose friends, and sort the good and bad habits. We can to imitate the good habits, but we have to avoid the bad habits. Teenager also have to remember, that a healthy lifestyle requires, but they also must not forget about personal hygiene. Keep eating healthy food, more diligent, study, and decrease the computer, internet, TV, and games time.

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Black Panthers Essay Research Paper In 1966 free essay sample

Black Panthers Essay, Research Paper In 1966, the national Black Panther party was created. Their platform and it? s ideals struck a chord with inkinesss across the state, particularly in the interior metropoliss of the North. The Jaguars were able to form and unify these inkinesss. This alarmed the federal authorities. They instituted many controversial, illegal plans of torment, infiltration, and abetment which led to the deceases of many Jaguars. From their origin, the Black Panthers were treated with contempt and disdain. The Jaguars wrote out a platform called? What We Want, What We Believe. ? There thoughts and methods appealed greatly to inkinesss. The past few old ages had seen the civil rights battle rise, and had left many inkinesss with the feeling that non plenty was being accomplished. Many Blacks shared the position of the Jaguars in that force was needed to support themselves until true equality could be achieved. Aside from being hawkish, the Panthers did things that helped the community. They set up breakfast, and helped people to clean up their vicinities. The Black Panthers gave many urban black communities a sense of integrity and individuality that they hadn? T had before. The Panther? s rhetoric of force alarmed the authorities. In March of 1968, the Panther newspaper printed this warning to patrol, ? Halt in the name of humanity! You shall do no more war on unarmed people. You will non kill another black individual and walk on the streets of the black community to triumph about it and sneer at the defenseless relations of your victims. From now on, when you murder a black individual in this Babylon or Babylons, you may every bit good give it up because we will acquire your buttocks and God can? t fell you. ? 1 This gave the authorities cause for dismay, and they stepped up their? attempts? consequently. The authorities went through great lengths to maintain up the position quo. They began runs of disinformation against the Jaguars in order to halt any support for the Panthers. The Panthers were continuously harassed by constabulary. Jaguars were followed and arrested on child, sometimes fabricated charges. For Example, in Oakland California, the central office of the Panthers, constabulary would randomly collar any Jaguars. In 1967, the FBI arrested 21 Black Panthers for? cabaling? to blow up section shops and botanical gardens in New York.2 Not merely was it local jurisprudence enforcement that tried to destruct the Panthers, but the FBI was really actively involved. The FBI had begun utilizing their COINTELPRO plan towards the Black Panthers in November 1968. They had many agents working to follow, harass and infiltrate the group. One of the first major actions the FBI undertook was to make a violent confrontation between the Panthers and the US group. The FBI used different methods, such as directing satirical sketchs to members of the Panthers under the pretence they were from US. These sketchs served to farther foment the already volatile state of affairs. An FBI agent said of the sketchs, ? The BPP members # 8230 ; strongly objected being made merriment of be sketchs being distributed by the US organisation ( FBI sketchs in actuality ) # 8230 ; [ Informant ] has advised on several occasions that the sketchs are, ? truly agitating up the BPP. ? 3 Subsequently on, the FBI forged a Panthers name, and sent a missive to another group of Panthers. This later was intended to trip more hatred and confrontation between the two groups, which it did. The FBI? s attempts continued, and were escalated. Their work with the Black Panthers came to a caput on cold December forenoon in 1969. The FBI had gathered a big sum of information on the leader of the Chicago Black Panthers, Fred Hampton. Through their beginnings within the Panthers, they knew the layout of Fred? s flat, and when he would be at that place. At 4:45 in the forenoon, 14 constabulary explosion through the door, and began hiting the inside of the flat. The constabulary wounded four people and killed two. Soon after the Illinois State Attorney issued a statement that it was the Black Panthers who had mounted the onslaught on the constabularies, who had been? transporting on a hunt for illegal arms? . Flint Taylor wrote of the State Attorney? s statement, ? Hanrahan had a narrative that Fred was up and firing off at the constabulary in the back portion of the flat. Well the bed that he was kiping on had blood wholly over it # 8211 ; at the caput and at other topographic points. So evidently, that wholly disproved the theory that Fred was up, about, and firing off. ? 4Upon ulterior probe, it was discovered that the Panthers had merely fired one shot out of the hundred or so that were fired. It was besides discovered that the constabulary had fabricated grounds to do it look as if the Panthers had fired upon the constabulary. In decision, . Because the Black Panthers united the black communities within the inner metropoliss of the United States. This integrity threatened the control the authorities had on these people. The authorities used illegal and unethical methods in order to destruct the Black Panthers. Their misrepresentation led straight to the deceases of several Jaguars

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Hydrogenated Oils essays

Hydrogenated Oils essays Fat is essential to life, its not to be feared anymore if the right type is consumed. There are three classifications of fat: saturated fatty acids, polyunsaturated fatty acids, and monounsaturated fatty acids. These fats are used by the body as energy, but provide more than twice as many calories per gram as either carbohydrates or protein that have 4 grams compared to 9 grams in fat. Fat is also a carrier of the fat-soluble vitamins A, D, and E that are vital for everyday living. The unsaturated fats, which are liquid at room temperature, provide the body with essential fatty acids that the body cannot produce so they have to be consumed. These fats also aid in lowering the bad cholesterol low-density lipids (LDLs). Although polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fatty acids are healthy they should be eaten in moderation. As for saturated fat, which is solid at room temperature, it raises the LDLs that leads to heart disease, the number one killer in America. It can also lead to cancer and obesity that is why the Recommend Dietary Intake (RDI) of saturated fat should only be 10% of the diet. Although most Americans are taught that saturated fat is the worst fat, but there is one more that has been around for several years, but has been hidden. Trans fatty acids is the name of the cultrate or as otherwise know as hydrogenated oils. Trans fatty acids are geometrical isomers of the naturally occurring cis-fatty acids and they resemble the molecular configuration of saturated fat. They are commercially produced in vast amounts by heating vegetable oils (polyunsaturated and monounsaturated) with metal catalysts and hydrogen to form what is known as shortening or margarine. In nature, unsaturated fatty acids have double bonds that are cis isomers; with adjacent carbons on the same side of the double bond. This results in a bent shape and a liquid state when at room temperature. As for the trans fatty acids, the car...

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In what ways can the philosophy and practice of cultural proficiency Essay

In what ways can the philosophy and practice of cultural proficiency offer solutions to unequal health outcomes for Indigenous Australians - Essay Example They still struggle against discrimination in all areas including health and social care. Australia’s Aboriginal population teaches two contrasting truths: â€Å"the crucial significance of culture in people’s lives† (O’Hagan, 2001, p.93), and the cultural insensitivity among those in authority including health care professionals towards minority cultural groups. According to the RACP (2004), the inequality in health status of indigenous populations in Australia is directly related to systemic discrimination. Health inequalities can be corrected only by achieving fundamental changes in the dominant Australian population’s behavior towards Aboriginal people. Ensuring equality in the indigenous groups is vital for the improvement of their health. Thus, â€Å"racist treatment should be recognised as a social determinant of health† (Larson et al, 2007, p.322), leading to inequalities in well-being and protection from diseases. (CSDH, 2008). Together, the conditions of daily life and the structural determinants consisting of distribution of power, income, goods and services, and the consequent unfairness in access to basic amenities such as health care are the major reasons for health inequities among indigenous groups (CSDH, 2008). Appropriate and adequate provisions are required for health care. For example, Kildea et al (2010) state that poor maternal and infant health outcomes can be improved for indigenous populations through an intensive, coordinated strategy to close the gap between the requirement and the provision of facilities to fulfill the requirement. Further, there is a lack of sensitivity to the crucial cultural philosophies and practices of the indigenous groups, with attempts to compel them into the mainstream population, while depriving them of access to basic amenities. Since the health outcomes of the indigenous

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International Business Coursework Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

International Business - Coursework Example Commodization turns product markets from monopolistic markets to perfect completive markets (Peng, 2013). For instance, Aqua-fresh is very distinct from Colgate. Regardless, the market treats both brands as the same product and solely compare their prices before making a purchasing idea. c. VRIO is a frame used in evaluating the strategic choices made by a firm in its quest to grow. Arguably, VRIO framework is comprised of a series of questions that make up the main argument for the evaluation of the competitive position of a given firm or organization. These components are Value, Rarity, Imitability and Organization. The question for value evaluates a firm’s ability to exploit an opportunity and neutralize threats. The question for rarity assesses the ease of obtaining resources in the industry for instance raw material. How rare are the resources and capabilities and are they controlled by a few players. The question for Imitability evaluates the ability of a firm’s products or resources to be imitated by other players in the industry. Finally, the question for Organization, evaluates the organization of power and command lines, resources and capabilities within a firm in order to capture value. This entails the culture as well as other features as w ell. d. One of the key arguments for off-shoring is the fact that it creates just as many jobs as it destroys. Arguably, off-shoring increases efficiency within an organization, increases productivity and reduces organizational costs allowing organizations to expand and create jobs that are more domestic as well (Peng, 2013). Another main argument for off-shoring is the fact that the off-shoring in the manufacturing industry has led to an increase in the wages of the employees who are opting to venture into more productive professions, and those employed domestically can also increase their incomes as well from reduced costs. However, off-shoring has led to the increase in the unemployment rates in the

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Divorce and Remarriage Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

Divorce and Remarriage - Research Paper Example For as many of you as have been baptized into Christ have put on Christ. There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither bond nor free, there is neither male nor female: for ye are all one in Christ Jesus† (Galatians 3:26-28). Once a person is a believer, there are no distinctions or special dispensations; no excuses. There are, however, levels of moral law1 which must be applied to any and all situations humans encounter in life. After maneuvering through the hierarchical layers, close analysis of biblical permissions for divorce are: fornication and adultery; life-threatening neglect of basic essentials such as food, clothing and shelter; non-fulfillment of marital sexual obligations; mental or physical abuse; departure of the non-believing spouse; and permanent separation despite attempts at reconciliation.2 If any or all of these conditions are met, the spouses are released from the marriage bond and thus free to remarry without committing adultery. The marriage bond is sacred, but it is not absolute. Biblical law was set up to guide sinners from sin to redemption, and there is always room inside the law for the sinner to return to a state of grace. However, we are by nature prone to sin, so the laws clearly address certain instances in which avoiding the sin of dissolving the marital contrac t would cause us to commit another sin such as putting ourselves in danger or choosing to remain married to a sinner.3 Neither of these is a good alternative, so the law allows for marriage dissolution. Before we can discuss the dissolution of the marriage contract, it is helpful to understand what is implied by the marriage contract to start (which provisions are included in the â€Å"standard† contract and which are added on as addenda during our human interactions). The standard contract is straightforward. A man and a woman join in marriage and become one