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SAT/ACT Test Optional and Test Required College Admissions

Wondering just what the heck test optional, test flexible, or test required means in the college admissions process? Check out the video above for the definitions and more on exactly what it means for your college applications. The Test Optional Movement Recently, George Washington University announced that it will no longer require applicants to submit SAT or ACT scores (that is, unless you are a pre-med hopeful, home-schooled student, or athlete). This was big news, not because GWU is the first university to adopt a test optional approachin fact, more than 800 schools have test optional or test flexible policies*but because GWU is one of the largest and most influential universities to do so. As more competitive, well-respected institutions relax their standardized test policies, does this mean the end is near for the SAT and ACT? Well..the short answer is â€Å"No.†And we’re not just saying this because we are in the business of test prep. In fact, we education-lovers at Magoosh are big fans of helping students achieve their dreams, whether this means taking a test or not. And it is certainly true that for many students, no matter how hard they try or how much help they have, SAT and ACT scores do not always align with academic success, and we would never want this to hold anyone back! So we’re happy to see more schools giving students alternative avenues to admissions. But here’s why the SAT and ACT aren’t going away anytime soon, and why you probably still want to prepare for them even with more schools jumping on the test optional bandwagon. Not All Students Qualify for Test Optional Admissions Many colleges and universities that advertise themselves as test optional have some fine print. They may be test optional only if you have a certain GPA. They may still require SAT or ACT scores from home-schooled students or recruited athletes. If you are applying to a competitive program within the university, such as a 7- or 8-year accelerated pre-med/med program, your test scores may still be required. Some schools will allow you to bypass the SAT or ACT only if you can submit a battery of AP, IB, or SAT subject test scores. The message behind these caveats is that colleges and universities still feel that test scores provide them with valuable data on a student, particularly when they think need more information than what a transcript might tell them. The Majority of Students Still Submit SAT or ACT Scores Standardized tests are deeply ingrained in the psyches of college applicants. The number of students taking the SAT or ACT (or both) has risen year after year. Even when test scores are optional, many students send them anyway. This doesn’t necessarily mean they should. It just means that they are. This can make it tricky to decide whether or not your test scores are going to support your application or weaken it. And it often means that for some of the schools you are applying to, test scores might weaken your app, and for some of the schools you are applying to, they might help it. So it’s nice to have a test score in your back pocket so you can make the choice. Most Large State Schools Require the SAT or ACT The major reason why standardized test scores are so appealing to colleges is because they provide a metric to compare students who come from very different schools and backgrounds. And when your university receives tens of thousands of applications a year, test scores are a quick and easy way to make cuts. UCLA, for example, receives over 60,000 applications a year. The University of Michigan and Penn State each receive over 45,000 applications a year. With such overwhelming numbers of would-be students knocking down their doors, large schools are helplessly reliant on SAT or ACT scores. Ultra-Competitive Schools All Require the SAT or ACT Perfect or near-perfect SAT or ACT scores carry with them a certain mystique that is not going to go away anytime soon. And average test scores of admitted students are a key part of the all-important U.S. News and World Report college rankings. The currently highest ranked test optional national university is Wake Forest (sitting at #27 in 2015). So if you are targeting the most competitive schools, test scores are going to remain a crucial part of your application. Fair or Not, Standardized Tests are Worth the Prep For some students, standardized tests are indeed an unfair portrayal of their strengths, and, for these applicants, test optional colleges and universities can be very attractive options for a college list. In fact, they may make up the majority of a list. But as the situation stands now, it is a rare student who will be able to avoid standardized tests entirely and still keep his or her options open, so preparing for the SAT or ACT is still a very smart move. *Check out a full list of test optional and test flexible colleges and universities at FairTest.

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Britain s Size, Geography, Climate, And Relative Location

Great Britain is very beautiful, and popular country. Great Britain was founded in 1707, when the Acts of Union Ratified the 1706 Treaty of union. The national anthem is God save The Queen. Great Britain branches into three countries. Britain mainly flat and low lying, meaning it does not have very many mountains, or hills. Great britain Looks like a palm tree that has been cut in half. Great Britain is about half of the size of California. Great britain is a really interesting country with lots of history, that you will learn in this essay. Some of the things are the Geography, the climate, landforms, size, and government. In this page you will learn about Great Britain s size , geography, climate, and relative location. There are 3†¦show more content†¦The Pennines are a hill range in England that raises between 600 meters and 900 meters. The lowest point in all of Great Britain is only negative four meters which is negative sixteen feet . The highest point in all of Great Britain is 1,343 meters, which is 4,406 feet. The longest River in England is called the Thames which is 346 km long which is almost 215 miles long This river flows right through the capital of England which is London. The longest river in Great Britain is the Severn river, and is 220 miles long, Its water source is in the Mountains Of Wales. There is a huge cliff made of chalk called the Seven Sisters National Park which is located in England, in the city of Brighton. Wales is the Only Country out of the three that has Many of hills , and mountain ranges, The largest is the Mountain called Snowdon , and it is 3,560 feet tall. Great Britain has a variety of different climate, and vegetation. Each country in Great Britain has different climate ,and different vegetation. Great Britain overall climate is Maritime, which means that it is connecting to the sea . The annual precipitation for Great Britain is about 33.7 inches of rain. Great Britain has very warm summers and cool winter. The two hottest months of the year are August, and the second is July. The Coldest 2 months of the year are January, and the second is February. Their winter are cool but they are still very

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Workplace Violence - 773 Words

A major component of any workplace violence program is prevention. Program development and union involvement, are important parts of a workplace violence prevention program in government. There are specific measures that can be taken to reduce the risk of violent behavior. The first question many people ask when starting to develop a workplace violence prevention program is, how can we identify potentially violent individuals? It is understandable that people want to know this -- and that early warning signs and profiles of potentially violent employees are in much of the literature on the subject of workplace violence. It would save time and solve problems if managers could figure out ahead of time what behaviors and personality†¦show more content†¦The same approaches that create a healthy, productive workplace can also help prevent potentially violent situations. It is important that supervisory training include basic leadership skills such as setting clear standards, addressing employee problems promptly, and using the probationary period, performance counseling, discipline, and other management tools conscientiously. These interventions can keep difficult situations from turning into major problems. Supervisors dont need to be experts on violent behavior; what is needed is a willingness to seek advice from the experts. Pre-employment screening is an important part of workplace violence prevention. Prior to hiring an employee, the agency should check with its servicing personnel office and legal office, if necessary, to determine what pre-employment screening techniques (such as interview questions, background and reference checks, and drug testing) are appropriate for the position under consideration and are consistent with Federal laws and regulations. Maintaining a physically safe work place is part of any good prevention program. Agency facilities use a variety of security measures to help ensure safety. These include:  · Employee photo identification badges;  · On-site guard services and/ or individually coded card keys for access to buildings and areas within buildings according to individual needs;Show MoreRelatedWorkplace Violence And The Workplace2844 Words   |  12 PagesWorkplace Violence statics across the United States of America have been on a steady rise each year since the early 1990’s. Reports have consistently shown in recent years that than an average of 500 homicides and 1.5 million assaults occur each year in America, in the workplace. With those types of statics on the rise in America it’s clear that a Workplace Violence Program is essential to the health, welfare, safety, and security of our employees in the workplace. When enacting a Workplace ViolenceRead MoreWorkplace Violence And The Workplace1145 Words   |  5 PagesWorkplace violence definition OSHA Fact Sheet (2012) states â€Å" workplace violence is a violence or the threat of violence against workers† (p.1). Workplace violence causes serious harm to employees or homicide that can lead to deaths. Act in any kind of shapes and forms such as: physical threat, threatening behavior, intention of assault and battery, verbal abuse, beating, stabbing, rape, shooting, being followed, psychological trauma, suicide, treat or obscene phone call/text, intimidation. WorkplaceRead MoreWorkplace Violence1735 Words   |  7 PagesWorkplace violence is present in every nook and cranny of corporate America, affecting millions of Americans every year. Workplace violence is defined by the Occupational Safety Health Administration, OSHA, as any act or threat of physical violence, harassment, intimidation, or other threatening disruptive behavior that occurs at the work site. It ranges from threats and verbal abuse to physical assaults and even homicide. In 2011, there were over 2 two million reports and claims of workplaceRead MoreWorkplace Violence And The Workplace1396 Words   |  6 PagesWorkplace violence Workplace violence can be any act of physical violence, threats of physical violence, harassment, intimidation, or other threatening, disruptive behavior that occurs at the work site. Workplace violence can affect or involve employees, visitors, contractors, and other non-Federal employees. A number of different actions in the work environment can trigger or cause workplace violence. It may even be the result of non-work-related situations such as domestic violence or â€Å"road rageRead MoreWorkplace Violence In The Workplace1071 Words   |  5 Pages INTRODUCTION: Violence in the workplace has become a major safety and health issue. Workplace violence is not limited to homicide. This type of violence includes behaviors and circumstances that threaten an employee s physical safety; such as: verbal threats, sexual or physical harassment, coercion, behavior changes, intimidation, stalking, telephone/email harassment, and history of aggression. â€Å"Workplace violence incidents have tripled in the last decade, and it is now the fastest-growing categoryRead MoreWorkplace Violence10377 Words   |  42 PagesUNLV Theses/Dissertations/Professional Papers/Capstones 5-1-2002 Workplace violence: A case study Robert F. White University of Nevada, Las Vegas Repository Citation White, Robert F., Workplace violence: A case study (2002). UNLV Theses/Dissertations/Professional Papers/Capstones. Paper 522. http://digitalscholarship.unlv.edu/thesesdissertations/522 This Capstone is brought to you for free and open access by Digital Scholarship@UNLV. It has been accepted for inclusion in UNLV Theses/Read MoreWorkplace Violence And Its Effects On The Workplace834 Words   |  4 Pagesspecialists, medical attendants and assistants who manage psychiatric patients; individuals from crisis restorative reaction groups; and doctor s facility workers working in confirmations, crisis rooms, and emergency or intense consideration unit. This is violence committed by an aggressor who either gets administrations from or is under the custodial supervision of the influenced work environment or the casualty. The aggressors can be present or previous clients or customers, for example, travelers, patientsRead MoreWorkplace Violence2432 Words   |  10 PagesWORKPLACE VIOLENCE: A FORCE OF OVERALL CONCERN Adell Newman-Lee Criminology-CJ102-D04 December 3, 2003 THESIS: WORKPLACE AS IT RELATES TO CRIMINAL JUSTICE I INTRODUCTION: †¢ Crime and violence †¢ Workplace violence a major concern †¢ The three entities involved II STATISTICS †¢ The Bureau of Justice Statistics †¢ Statistics from 1992 to 1996 †¢ National Crime Victimization Survey and The Bureau of Labor Statistic III WORKPLACE VIOLENCE A LAW ENFORCEMENT ISSUE †¢ Responsibility of Law EnforcementRead More Workplace Violence Essay1030 Words   |  5 PagesWorkplace Violence Workplace violence is a phenomenon that is now widely recognized as a social problem, which impacts all organizations. According to Department of Justice statistics for 1995, 21% of all violent crime occurred while the victim was either at work or traveling to or from work. Workplace Violence accounted for more than two (2) million violent Crimes annually from 1992-1997 (Kaufer 1-2). In this research paper I will provide an overview of workplace violenceRead MoreEssay on Workplace Violence620 Words   |  3 PagesWorkplace Violence Workplace violence can be defined as any action that can threaten the safety of an employee, impact the employees psychological or physical well being, or cause damage to a companys property. Workplace violence is not often talked about, but it does kill people. In the last decade it has become one of the leading causes of deaths in the workplace. The University

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Alienation in Tennessee Williams, The Glass Menagerie...

Alienation in Tennessee Williams, The Glass Menagerie Life is a lonely tale of alienation, as Tennessee Williams conveys though his play, â€Å"The Glass Menagerie.† Williams surrounds Laura in isolation from a world in which they wish to belong to by using various symbols. The symbolic nature of the motifs hidden within the lines of this play provides meaning to the theme found consistent throughout the play: Individuals are all alone in the world. Williams brilliantly illuminates the idea of isolation through the symbolic use of glass. The symbolism of the glass is directly connected with the character of Laura. Similar to glass Laura is extremely fragile, her soul and image faces the possibility of being easily damaged and†¦show more content†¦The candlelight seems to â€Å"light her inwardly† (Williams 1846) and symbolically shadows her disability, as Williams vividly describes in a side note of the play. The scene thereafter illuminates how a unicorn is tragically different from all other animals in Laura’s collection. At the Paradise Dance Hall al glass sphere slowly turned from the ceiling in a different delicate rainbow of colors suggesting a joyful moment. This symbolized another beautiful moment as Laura and Jim dance together, uniting two separate flames to create many colors of the rainbow. Laura’s physical problems provide more alienation to her character and greater meaning to the central theme that individuals are all alone in the world. Laura’s handicap is the greatest characteristic of her loneliness. â€Å"I had a brace on my leg—it clumped so loud!† Laura blames her slowness upon her brace and is self conscious about how loud it is. Yet Jim claims, â€Å"I never heard any clumping† (Williams 1846). Laura was the only person who realized and continues to recognize her handicap. It causes her to stand out from the others, surrounding her. She finds it to be completely alienating, which separates her from the rest of the world. Jim interprets Laura’s handicap as something beautiful. He finds her character unique and attractive. She is different and far from normal. In contrast Laura sees the differences as bad and unattractive. She fails to recognize that it is her innerShow MoreRelatedTennessee Williams’S, The G lass Menagerie, Is One Of The1283 Words   |  6 PagesTennessee Williams’s, The Glass Menagerie, is one of the most popular plays of all times and the play that started his success as a playwright. This play explores a dysfunctional family who has been abandoned by the husband/father and struggles to progress in an economically stressed time. The play showcases three extremely complex characters who each have personal struggles in their own lives which furthermore create tensions between each other as a family unit. As a true lover of this play, I hadRead MoreFool For Love Essay1601 Words   |  7 Pages   Glass    Mengarie,   by   Tennessee   Williams’   will   be   used.   These   ideals   of   the   Ã¢â‚¬Å"American    Dream†,   prioritized   family,   and   psyche   that   have   been   formulated   through   Williams’    work,   hold   verisimilitude   to   the   way   individuals   have   navigated   and   continue   to    navigate   through   the   twentieth   and   twenty- ­Ã¢â‚¬ first   century.       Background          The   Glass   Menagerie   isRead MoreTennessee Williams s The Glass Menagerie2066 Words   |  9 PagesTennessee Williams was born in 1911 and attended University of Missouri. At a young age he was inspired to become a playwright by watching Henrik Ibsen’s Ghosts. As he grew older he battled with depression and addiction. He had a constant fear of going insane like his sister. That fear fueled his writing and eventually produced the play The Glass Menagerie. In this play Williams creates characters with depth and variety. All four characters have separate and distinct personalities. In many waysRead MoreEssay Prompts4057 Words   |  17 PagesVenice The Autobiography of An Ex-Colored Man Mrs. Warren’s Profession The Awakening Pà ¨re Goriot Billy Budd The Picture of Dorian Gray Crime and Punishment The Plague Faust Poccho Fences The Scarlet Letter The Glass Menagerie Silas Marner Great Expectations Sister Carrie The Great Gatsby Sula Heart of Darkness The Turn of the Screw Hedda Gabler Typical American 2002 (Form B): Often in literature a character’s success in achieving goals dependsRead MoreBrief Survey of American Literature3339 Words   |  14 PagesSettlers’ Writings Highly religious and pragmatic - John Smith, founder of Jamestown, Virginia; Pocahontas - John Winthrop, â€Å"A Model of Christian Charity†: â€Å"†¦ We shall be as a city upon a hill. The eyes of all people are upon us†¦Ã¢â‚¬  - William Bradford, Of Plymouth Plantation (1630-50, pub. 1856) - Anne Bradstreet (1612-1672), The Tenth Muse (1650), the first volume of poems published by a resident of the New World - Edward Taylor (1642- 1729), Preparatory Meditations (1682-1725Read MoreBelonging Essay4112 Words   |  17 PagesHeat and Dust Winch, Tara June, Swallow the Air Gaita, Raimond, Romulus, My Father Miller, Arthur, The Crucible: A Play in Four Acts Harrison, Jane, Rainbow’s End Luhrmann, Baz, Strictly Ballroom - film De Heer, Rolf, Ten Canoes - film Shakespeare, William, As You Like It Skrzynecki, Peter, Immigrant Chronicle Dickinson, Emily, Selected Poems of Emily Dicksinson Herrick, Steven, The Simple Gift Baillie, Alan, The China Coin Russell, Willy, Educating Rita Cleven,Vivienne et al (eds), Contemporary Indigenous

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Mexican American Civil Rights Movement - 2653 Words

Over the past fifty or so years great strides have been made on the subject of Mexican-American civil rights, but the first pivotal moment for these civil rights barely gets any recognition in the annals of American civil rights, in which it rightly deserves. This victory, which has been labeled â€Å"The Longoria Affair†, would cause a momentum within Latino civil rights movement that was previously unseen and would lead the way for political opportunities for Latinos. Felix Longoria is a name that should be recognizable to the general public, but sadly is not. This young father and husband answered the call of duty in November of 1944 and after basic training was immediately shipped off to fight in the Philippines. Serving as an infantryman he volunteered to join a patrol that was to weed out and exterminate enemy snipers. On June, 16th, 1945 he would give the ultimate sacrifice for his nation while on this particular patrol. According to the reports that his family received, the war department found that the cause of death occurred when a mortar was fired towards him and half of his body was eviscerated. Since the war effort was still ongoing it would be three years before his body would be able to come home to Three Rivers, Texas for a proper burial. In November 1948 Beatrice, the widow of Felix Longoria, got word from the army that his remains would be returning stateside through San Francisco. This came as a surprise since it had been so long since any informationShow MoreRelatedThe Evolution of the Mexican American Civil Rights Movement Essay653 Words   |  3 PagesThe Evolution of the Mexican American Civil Rights Movement American civil rights were a movement against racial segregation and discrimination in the southern United Sates during the decade of 1950 ´s. thanks to these series of protest minorities started getting more independence, and more equal rights. In order that, many groups were formed like Chicanos, La Raza Unida, and Los Cinco with the purpose of obtain equality and freedom. Therefore, many court cases emerged in order to change discriminationRead MoreEssay on Various Civil Rights Movements in the United States536 Words   |  3 PagesThe African-American Civil Rights Movement was started in 1955, and was lead by many great African Americans who will never be forgotten in history. Many Americans who were born in the U.S. were not 100% American but had different ethnic background which meant many of these Americans had different skin colors, different nationality and because of this they were outcasts in the U.S. Many of these ethnic groups were not outcast just because of their ba ckground many were also segregated because of theirRead MoreThe Civil Rights Act Did Not Happen Over Night1655 Words   |  7 Pages The Civil Rights Act did not happen over night; however, many fought for it and soon prevailed. During John F Kennedy’s presidency the Civil Rights Act was begun. The bill was called for by President John F. Kennedy address of the nation on June 11, 1963. The President gave a speech asking for a law â€Å"giving all Americans the right to be served in all places which are open to the public—Motels, restaurants, movies, clothing stores, as well as the right to vote†. President Kennedy madeRead MoreAssess the Significance of the Role of Individuals in Reducing Racial Discrimination in the Usa Throughout the Period 1877-1981.1995 Words   |  8 Pageswithout events such as the Montgomery Bus Boycott, WWII or the actions of the NACCP to change attitudes towards African Americans, these individuals would have had little ef fect. The likes of Booker T Washington and Du Bois set the foundation for civil rights along with the Second World War; however other individuals such as Martin Luther King help to actively progress the movement. Along with this the government and various presidents more so in the latter of the period of 1877-1981 helped to changeRead More The Chicano Movement: Struggles, Goals, and Accomplishments Essay examples1537 Words   |  7 PagesIn American history, civil rights movements have played a major role for many ethnics in the United States and have shape American society to what it is today. The impact of civil rights movements is tremendous and to an extent, they accomplish the objectives that the groups of people set out to achieve. The Mexican-American Civil Rights Movement, more commonly known as the Chicano Movement or El Movimiento, was one of the many movements in the United States that set out to obtain equality for Mexican-AmericansRead MoreEssay The Chicano View on Mex ican Immigration1048 Words   |  5 Pages During the 1970’s, Mexican Americans were involved in a large social movement called the Chicano movement. Corresponding with the great development of the black civil rights movement, Mexican Americans began to take part in a series of different social protests in which they demanded equal rights for themselves. Composed mainly of Mexican American students and youth, these activists focused on maintaining a pride for their culture as well as their ethnicity to fuel their political campaign.Read MoreMexican Americans And The Question Of Race887 Words   |  4 PagesTopic: Mexican Americans and the question of race Specific Purpose: To inform the audience of the struggle for identification faced by Mexican-Americans as well as provide a brief historical analysis of these struggles. Thesis: Although Mexican-Americans are legally considered white, the inequalities and discrimination they face show how they fail to receive the social benefits that come along with this label. I. Introduction A. Hook 1. Did you know that Mexican Americans are legally a part ofRead MoreRichard Aoki and The Black Power Movements1507 Words   |  7 Pages An individual who was developed from the black power movements, was Richard Aoki, a third generation Japanese American. He had spent time living in the internment camps as a child during the second world war. When he grew up, he became one of the founding members of the Black Panther Party, and the only Asian American to have held a formal leadership position as Field Marshall. He worked in the Black Panther party by arming them with weapons and training them in firearm usage. He continued hisRead MoreCivil Rights971 Words   |  4 PagesCivil Rights The struggle for equality has been a battle fought for hundreds of years amongst Native Americans, African Americans, and Mexican Americans. When we hear the words civil rights often we conjure images of Martin Luther King Jr. delivering his soul-stirring â€Å"I Have a Dream† speech before the nation’s capital. The truth is, minorities have been fighting for their civil rights way before the 1950’s in fact it dates way back to the early 1880’s when Native Americans lost their lands,Read MoreAnalysis Of Quixote s Soldiers By Cesar Chavez Essay1357 Words   |  6 PagesSoldiers is a group of Mexican- American men and women in protest formation. They carry with them signs that say â€Å"Justice for La Raza,† â€Å"Ando sangrando igual que tu,† and â€Å"Cops out of our communities!† David Montejano argues that Mexican- American reform groups are often left out of the Civil Rights Movement taught in a classroom. San Antonio was the birt hplace of the Chicano movement. Here, various organizations were formed to encourage the government to increase Mexican- Americans opportunities in the

Organizational Structure and Culture - 1163 Words

Organizational structure can be defined as the establishment of authority and responsibilities between different positions in the company. It can be either horizontal or vertical. Organization structure also facilitates transparency in the organization (Luthans, 1998). My organization is Saint Joseph’s Hospital, which is a leading magnet facility here in Atlanta Georgia. Saint Joseph s was the first hospital in the Southeast to perform open heart surgery, the first to develop a cardiac cath lab and the first to perform balloon angioplasty. The hospital was also the first to open a pace maker clinic and the first in Georgia to implant an artificial heart. Saint Joseph s is also regarded as one of Georgia s early pioneers in vascular†¦show more content†¦Controlling is the process in which a manager compares the actual results from the predetermined objectives. If any variation is found, some corrective actions are taken by the manager. Corrective actions include change s in the policy, plans or any strategy of the organization. All these changes also affect the structure of the organization. Structure is changed according to new plans and policies of the organization (Prasad, 2008). During this project I discovered that the organizational chart at my facility has undergone significant change. We no longer have the traditional organizational chart which is best illustrated by the shape of a pyramid with board of trustees on top, CEO, CFO, COO then upper management, followed by middle management, then front line people and at the bottom with the largest area, the customers. It shows that top management has the power over those situated below it. Now we have a modern customer-oriented organizational chart, that is an inverted pyramid where the customers are on top occupying the largest area followed by the front line people, middle management and at the bottom, the top management with the smallest area. There are arrows pointing upwards showing tha t customers are now the primary focus of the organization hence, it is customer-oriented. I have learned that an organizational chart for our unit shows us the division of work via positions and titles which show how work responsibilities are assigned.Show MoreRelatedOrganizational Structure and Culture661 Words   |  3 PagesOrganizational Structure and Culture Introduction In this week’s assignment we will be looking at organizational structure and organizational culture. We will first look at how organizational culture impacts organizational structure and vice versa. Then look at how organizational structure interacts and impacts the organization’s decision process. Organizational Cultures Impact on Organizational Structure The first part of this week’s assignment was to look at how organizational structure impactsRead MoreOrganizational Culture and Structure965 Words   |  4 PagesORGANIZATIONAL CULTURE STRUCTURE Outline Prepared By: Marnela Kathleen V. Pasamba, RN MSN I I. Organizational Culture A. Definitions 1. Gareth Morgan: set of beliefs, values and norms, together with symbols like dramatized events and personalities, that represents the unique character of the organization and provides the context for action in it and by it. 2. Edgar Schein: a pattern of shared basic assumptions that the group has learned as it solved its problems that has worked wellRead MoreOrganizational Culture and Structure1134 Words   |  5 Pages Organizational Culture and Structure The structure of an organization determines the allocation of roles, regulations, and responsibilities, and therefore builds a basis for the culture in an organization. There is a constant relationship between organizational structure and organizational culture that provides a theme within an organization. Both can be difficult to clearly define and distinguish when analyzing an organization. Organization culture is a perspective into theRead MoreOrganizational Structure and Culture1802 Words   |  8 Pages Organizational Structure and Culture Marsha Ruckle Senior Practicum/492 May 13, 2013 Janice Cochran Organizational Structure and Culture Every facility has an authority structure within the organization that is the foundation for the oversight of delegating processes and expected outcomes. Without structure there is a potential for chaos to ensue, communication to be inhibited, thereby preventing goals from getting accomplished. Organizational structureRead MoreThe Organizational Structures And Culture2323 Words   |  10 Pages1.1Different organisational structures and culture Every business needs to organise its activities and a defined structure enables them do it well. For example, every area of the business knows what they are supposed to do and when to do it. In addition, they know who to report to with the aid of a good structure. On the other hand, organisational culture is something that is not tangible but can be observed in the way people do the things they do and in the way they treat one another and theirRead MoreThe Impact of Organizational Structure and Culture819 Words   |  3 PagesThe Impact of Organizational Structure and Culture Organizational structure has been set up to facilitate all goal achievements. It is a way to motivate their employees and get them to work together. It also helps its employees to follow the organizations goals, and work together as a team. In order to do this, they need to have an organized structure to be able to run the company smoothly. A main foundation of every organization is to post their mission statement and goals everywhere so that theirRead MoreOrganizational Structure and Culture Essay1111 Words   |  5 Pagesthe basics of understanding the very design, structure, and culture that are appropriate in fulfilling the goals of that organization. Experts say that organizational structure and culture should work in tandem - as a team within the organization. It is important for organizations to â€Å"understand the difference between the two aspects because they can have a major influence on the firm’s success or failure.† John (2013). Organizational culture comes from the founders of the organization andRead MoreBoeing: Organizational Culture and Structure1493 Words   |  6 PagesORGANIZATIONAL CULTURE AND STRUCTURE 2 Boeing: Organizational Culture and Structure Jory Authement MGMT312 Management Theory and Practices Professor Stephen Stewart April 22, 2014 Before we can begin a discussion on the cultural dynamics within the Boeing Company, it is imperative that we define and briefly elaborate about the foundational structures of the company, and its core values. Both of which has a direct impact in the development of its culture.. Being that Boeing has remote multinationalRead MoreOrganizational Culture, Structure Design2121 Words   |  9 PagesRunning head: ORGANIZATIONAL CULTURE, STRUCTURE DESIGN 1 Organizational Culture, Structure Design Satish kumar Gummalla University Canada West Instructor: Liz Wiebe Business Fundamentals MBA 549, Section B March 17, 2011 Satish Kumar Gummalla (1010863) Page 1 of 9 ORGANIZATIONAL CULTURE, STRUCTURE DESIGN Abstract Organizational structure defines the attitude, values and core competencies of an organization. The structure in a way forms the culture for that organization whichRead MoreOrganizational Culture : Organization Structure Essay2391 Words   |  10 Pagesbe in-line with the organizational objective. Defining and identifying an organization structure affects the organization in two big ways – it provides the foundation on which standard operating procedures and routines rest and it determines which individuals get to participate in which decision making process. For the ease of operations, the organization structure is further divided into: Tall organization structure – for large complex companies Flat organization structure – mid-size organisations

Northeastern University Essay Example For Students

Northeastern University Essay When looking for colleges, I selected ones that I fell will give me my ideal learning environment. I chose Northeastern University as a school to continue my education because it provides a sense of comfort. Located in the city where I spent all my life, I am in a familiar place. Having lived here so long, I still have a lot to experience in Boston. This is why I hope to stay in a city that is like home and still has some sense of excitement to it. This is not the only criterion for me choosing Northeastern University; there are also other qualities that is contains. The first of these qualities is having an enormous number of programs to choose from. I have already decided to major in computer science, but I am in doubt if this is the right choice. I want to experience a bit of everything to be absolutely sure about the path I chose to follow. I can chose from anything that interests me, from marketing to psychology. This can be accomplished only if the college that I attend has a wide range of studies. At Northeastern, I can take multiple majors in computer sciences, business, and architecture. Along with the Co-op program, I can be better prepared for the career I am about to enter. The second quality is having diversity among the student body. Being able to travel the around the world is a life long dream of mine. By attending a school with a diverse community will be the first steps to achieving this goal. I could also have a chance to study abroad, which would allow me to experience the entirety of a culture. This alone draws me to this school. Northeastern, having all the traits described above, is the school I feel suits me the best.